If I was Audrey you could be my James Dean breakfast at Tiffanys for 2 <3


i dont care WHAT you say or if im a grown man i will not give up my swing for your 3 year old son he can fucking wait his turn

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Aren’t we all internet explorers?


do you mean we all run slow and people don’t like us?

thats exactly what we are

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Anonymous: Ok ok so I have big areola right and today the guy I like said "some nipples are just gross, dime sized nipples are perfect" and I've never had a guy like my nipples before and I'm just rlly upset? Maybe this is dumb idk 


no no ive had similar stuff happen to me in the past. boys, specifically teen boys, without a doubt know absolutely nothing about female anatomy and the way our bodies vary in size/shape/etc etc. they’re only familiar with the plastic barbie doll cardboard cut out porn star shapes. the hairless and petite. when men are exposed to one type of female body, they normalize it and any other variation is just what the fuck ew strange to them. its gross. and i blame it all on pornography and patriarchal standards. 

dont let men determine your self worth. your nipples are perfect. because you are perfect. you are a living being whos cells work hard to keep your outer shell healthy. you are an ethereal force, and in the end, appearance means virtually nothing. dont waste your life feeling bad about it because of misconceptions about what women are supposed to look like by uneducated fuck boys.