If I was Audrey you could be my James Dean breakfast at Tiffanys for 2 <3

Whenever I get upset over something that my parents are accusing me of my dad automatically asks “what happened on social media?” or my personal favourite “what happened at work today?”. I would really love for my dad to see maybe see my side of it. Tonight my mom was mad that I hadn’t been helping around the house when I actually helped my sister clean it up last night. I don’t even have time to do anything else besides go to work and come home and study for my life insurance licence exam. I got told by my dad that “He had to go through that too”. I stopped fighting with my parents because of my anxiety and when I fought it would set it off. My dad asked me what I had been watching and listening to and when I told him just worship music and sermons and inspirational speakers, he told me that “he didn’t believe me” and he thought that I must’ve been watching and listening to someone or something “secular”. I started crying because I didn’t understand why my Daddy the one person who should believe me didn’t. He thought I was lying to him when I actually was telling him the truth. I was yelling at him during this “discussion” because whenever he’s trying to get a point across that’s what he does. He told me “I won’t talk to people that are yelling at me”. I find it interesting that he has no problem yelling at me but when I do it it’s disgusting, harmful, and I am disrespecting him by doing it. Maybe he doesn’t understand that I don’t know how to get his attention anymore. He never seems to notice me the way he used to. It’s not like I’m even his daughter anymore, it’s just like I am someone living in his house. It’s like I am a stranger to him. I want to have a relationship with him but it’s like he won’t even make the time in his busy schedule for me.


I wish a guy would buy me flowers, I don’t care how cliché it sounds. I’ve never gotten flowers from anyone so I’ve always wondered what its like.

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people that don’t put cases on their iPhones have the kind of confidence that I need

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what if you woke up and found your blogtitle tattooed on your body

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Had a rough evening at work today so I’m gonna be pretty selective with what RPs I respond to tonight. Not dropping any though some responses will wait until tomorrow morning or a little later on tonight. Just a head’s up


YOU’RE OOOONNNNNNNNN *heavy breathing*

Why hellew there! :D